Patient experiences of the myeloma treatment and care pathway: Results from the 2018 National Cancer Patient Experience Survey

Aim of project

To examine patient experiences of the myeloma treatment and care pathway and see how that compares with cancer patients in general.

Project summary

Evaluating patient experience is important for both recognising what is working well and assessing where the myeloma community needs to focus more efforts. The National Cancer Patient Experience Survey covers a comprehensive overview of patients’ experience of NHS care, from the information they receive to how well they feel their care is delivered at different points in time. The 2018 survey was completed by 73,817 cancer patients in England, including 4,966 myeloma patients.

We previously looked at the results of the 2014 data which you can read about here.

Who is involved with the project

The myeloma patient results will be analysed by the Health Services Research team at Myeloma UK.

How this project will help Myeloma patients

Myeloma UK will use the findings from this project as evidence in policy discussions and briefings to advocate for better and fairer myeloma care and treatment for patients. The findings will also help Myeloma UK staff better understand patients and their families so as to provide the most appropriate support.

Acknowledgements and funding

The 2018 National Cancer Patient Experience data is publicly available from the UK Data Service.


A series of reports will be released over Autumn/Winter 2020. The first report on Clinical Nurse Specialists can be found here.