Patient and Carer Research Panel

Join our research programme and become part of the ongoing partnership between myeloma patients, carers, family members and the research community.

Help us tackle the issues that are most important to you. Working together we can create a better future for everyone affected by myeloma.

What is the Patient and Carer Research Panel?

Patients and carers are involved in deciding which studies to fund and how studies are designed. We want to do research that is as reflective of what is important to patients as possible and so we consult our Patient and Carer Research Panel as often as possible throughout the research process. Volunteers on our Patient and Carer Research Panel help to ensure that we spend our limited resources wisely and that our research is the best it can be.

Anyone with personal experience of myeloma as a myeloma patient or carer / family member is welcome to apply and you do not need any experience in research. The panel is an informal group that operates by email, so you can take part from anywhere. As a research volunteer you can get involved in many different aspects of the research we fund and support.

Find out more about our Patient and Carer Research Panel here.

Applications to the Patient and Carer Research Panel are currently closed.

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