Research programme

Cutting-edge research to better understand the genetics of myeloma, how myeloma drugs work and how we can use clinical data to drive improvements to treatments and care.

We invest in strategic research to drive innovation in diagnosis, treatments and clinical trial design for myeloma and to further our understanding of how myeloma develops and why it becomes resistant to treatments. This will help us to identify new ways to treat myeloma or to make existing treatments more effective. We are investing in research to understand how to capture and compare clinical data about myeloma to develop the evidence to drive change.

You can read more about our completed and ongoing research projects below.

Our purpose is to give every myeloma patient an empowered present and a hopeful future. Funding high-quality research to discover more about myeloma and making sure that this knowledge is shared, is essential. Myeloma UK is a member of the Association of Medical Research Charities. This means that our processes to award funding for research have been reviewed by independent experts and shown to comply with best practice.

If you are a researcher interested in future open calls for our Research Programme, please keep an eye on our For Researchers page for opportunities or contact us at

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