Developing new clinical trials

Principal Investigator: Dr Sarah Brown

Institution: University of Leeds

Award amount: £1,346,682

Duration: 5 years

Project status: Active

The UK Myeloma Research Alliance (UKMRA) – Myeloma UK Concept & Access Research Programme (CARP), based at the University of Leeds Clinical Trials Research Unit (CTRU), was established in 2019. It is the only initiative in the UK that is focused on developing early phase clinical trials for myeloma patients.

CARP brings together clinical specialists in myeloma with experts in clinical trial design, statistics, computer programming and trial management to develop ideas for new and needed clinical trials into detailed, budgeted proposals. This includes designing trials with innovative platform approaches that can evaluate different treatments in separate treatment ‘arms’ to rapidly identify and prioritise the one that is most effective.

CARP links into a network of clinical myeloma specialists and trial centres across the UK and benefits from the expertise of the UKMRA who are committed to progressing UK trials which benefit myeloma patients. The CARP team manage the set up and management of new and existing UK trials, making sure that as many hospitals as possible across the UK can take part to get wider access to trials for myeloma patients.

How this research project will help myeloma patients

Clinical trials provide the evidence to keep improving treatments for myeloma patients. Early phase clinical trials are used to test new treatments and treatment combinations. These trials are important to show that larger and later phase trials are needed to provide evidence that will help patients gain access to treatments through the NHS.


An early phase trial developed through CARP with three different treatment arms was launched in 2022.

CARP continue to develop detailed proposals for early phase impactful trials and are seeking funding for these.

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