CAR-T cell treatments Horizons Infosheet

This Horizons Infosheet provides information on CAR-T cell treatments, a type of treatment being investigated in myeloma. This Infosheet covers key topics about CAR-T cell treatments including:

  • What are CAR-T cell treatments and how do they work in myeloma?
  • The steps in the CAR-T cell treatment process
  • What evidence exists to support the use of CAR-T cell treatments?
  • What are the possible known side effects of CAR-T cell treatments?
  • How do I take part in a clinical trial of a CAR-T cell treatment?
  • Availability of CAR-T cell treatments in the UK
  • Future directions in CAR-T cell treatment research in myeloma

Key points you can read about in this Infosheet include:

  • CAR‑T cell treatments are a new type of myeloma treatment that uses the body’s own immune system to kill myeloma cells
  • Some of the patient’s own blood cells called T cells are taken out of the blood and modified in a laboratory
  • The modified cells, called CAR‑T cells, can recognise a protein on the surface of myeloma cells. The CAR‑T cells are infused back into the patient
  • Once in the patient, the CAR‑T cells recognise and attack myeloma cells
  • Results of trials with CAR‑T cell treatments in myeloma have so far been promising, and larger-scale trials are now underway
  • Side effects of CAR‑T cell treatments can be severe and can include infusion reactions, effects on the nervous system and reductions in blood cells (causing anaemia, increased risk of infections, or bleeding/bruising)
  • CAR‑T cell treatments are not yet widely available, because none have been approved for use on the NHS in myeloma. However, patients may be treated with them as part of a clinical trial

Myeloma UK CAR T cell treatments Horizons Infosheet

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