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Myeloma UK attends several conferences about blood cancers

Myeloma UK news, Patient advocacy news, Research news // 23rd March 2018

The Myeloma UK team has already had a great start to the year, attending several conferences to discuss, learn and help educate about myeloma. Attending these conferences is an essential part of our work, allowing us to interact with healthcare professionals (HCPs) and promote the work of Myeloma UK.

Events like this are also an opportunity to raise awareness of what materials and support Myeloma UK can provide, including patient information publications and HCP educational resources.


Clinical Advances in Myeloma


At the end of January, we attended the Clinical Advances in Myeloma Conference in London. This event allows HCPs to learn about the latest advances in diagnosis, treatment and management of myeloma.

Dr. Simon Ridley, Director of Research at Myeloma UK, gave a presentation titled ‘Assessing patient values’ which focussed on results from a recent Myeloma UK study. This study looked at what factors myeloma patients consider when looking at treatment options.


Janssen 5th Haematology Summit


The pharmaceutical company, Janssen, held its fifth annual Haematology Summit in London at the beginning of February. Although focussed on educating HCPs on different blood cancers, many of the sessions were myeloma specific, reflecting the exciting developments and drug approvals that have happened recently.

Myeloma UK had the opportunity to talk about our educational resources, presented by Vassiliki Fotaki, Scientific and Medical Education Specialist. Healthcare Professional Projects Officer, Ely Taylor, was also in attendance and spoke about the successful Myeloma UK Clinical Services Excellence Programme. The session received very favourable feedback from delegates and the event organisers and contributed in raising the number of HCPs who use our educational resources.



Celgene Haematology Nurse Meetings


This year’s meetings, which took place in London and Manchester, focussed on ‘Supporting patients through their treatment pathway’. Our Myeloma Information Specialist, Debbie Gardiner, presented ‘The myeloma patient journey: working together to improve the patient and carer experience’. This presentation covered the challenges facing patients and carers, the information and support services available to them, and how these services can be improved.

Debbie said, “It was a great experience to open these educational meetings with a presentation outlining myeloma patient and carers reported experiences. In setting the scene – with patients and carers experiences at the forefront – the meetings provided an excellent forum for discussion with HCPs about new developments and initiatives in clinical practice which will help to inform future care.”



It was a great experience to open these educational meetings with a presentation outlining myeloma patient and carers reported experiences.


Focusing on Multiple Myeloma


This Scottish event, held in Dunblane, focussed on the care of myeloma patients. The aim of the event was to increase HCPs’ understanding of the treatment options that are available for myeloma patients, and how to effectively manage side-effects to maximise quality of life for patients.

Vassiliki said, “It was fantastic to attend a Scottish event and engage with HCPs who support and assist us with our work. It was also great to learn more about different aspects of myeloma.”


UK Myeloma Forum Scientific Workshop


The UK Myeloma Forum holds this event twice a year to bring together haematologists, nurses and researchers to look at recent scientific research in the field of myeloma. A range of different topics were discussed including CAR-T cells, repairing bone damage and the biology of myeloma. Our Chief Executive, Rosemarie Finlay, and Dr. Simon Riley attended this event, together with three of our Patient Information Specialists.

The Myeloma UK services team will be attending more events throughout the year to keep up to date with the latest research and clinical practice so that we can share the best information with patients, their families and HCPs involved in the care of myeloma patients.

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