Myeloma UK launches third COVID-19 survey to further understand the impact of COVID-19 on the myeloma community

How has your treatment changed over the last year?

What has been your experience with the vaccine?

How do you feel about lockdown restrictions easing?

Last year we received more than 1,900 responses to our first and second COVID-19 surveys, which represents the most comprehensive and detailed picture of life in the UK for myeloma patients and their families and friends during the pandemic.

Your responses helped us to generate the evidence we needed to raise the issues that matter most to you to the NHS and UK Government. We couldn’t have down it without you and we are very grateful.

We’ve launched the third and final of our COVID-19 surveys to help us better understand how your experiences have changed over the last year, your experiences of the vaccine and how you’re feeling about the future now that lockdown restrictions are easing and shielding has ended.

We’d love to hear about your experiences, even if you didn’t take part in the previous surveys.

How have previous surveys helped patients and families?

Our COVID-19 surveys have helped us understand what support the myeloma community most needed and given us the evidence needed to raise these issues with the NHS and UK Government. With your help:

  • Myeloma UK was able use your views to help the Oxford University team predict the risk of COVID-19 to myeloma patients
  • We asked for alternative oral treatments to be in place for as long as patients needed them. Access to these treatments has now been extended beyond March 202
  • We talked to clinicians and NHS England to make sure those patients who were given alternative oral treatments due to COVID-19 would not lose out on clinically appropriate treatment opportunities in the future
  • We also asked for regular COVID-19 testing of NHS staff to ensure your safety. Arrangements are now in place to ensure staff are regularly tested
  • Lastly, we made the case for myeloma patients to be moved up the COVID-19 vaccine priority list

You can take the survey here. If you have any further queries regarding the survey please contact us at

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